Harrison Scott Family killed in Haringey London as their home building collapse

Haringey London building collapse: Harrison Scott family killed as house falls.

Harrison Scott Family killed in Haringey London as their home building collapse

Three family members were killed following their house collapse in White Hart Ln, Tottenham, Haringey, London in the early morning hours of Saturday.The local administration where present at the spot as Emergency workers are continuing to sift through the ruins if there is any more causality who may be buried in debris.

HARINGEY: Authorities say that three Bodies where pulled from the rubble in the County house collapse.

Walter G Bennett who is said to be the Victims Family attorney identified the bodies when pulled from the rubble, Harrison Scott 50, Jasmin Kirby 39 (wife) and Jonah Kirby 17 (son) It is said that their daughter Isabel Kirby 13, the Only member of the family who survived the collapse was at the neighbor's store when the building collapse.

According to officials who blamed the contractors for Poor construction for the structural failure, The victims family attorney Walter G Bennett states that the house was built barely 3 years ago that the construction company will be held accountable for the collapse.

One eyewitness said he rushed out of his office after hearing a loud noise. "I was in the office opposite, when all of a sudden there was a loud bang. I thought it was a bomb," Brown Purewal, who works in the Metropolitan police authority building opposite, said.

"I heard a crash and saw all the rubble and the dust and everything," another witness, 21-year-old Jason Burrows, said.